11 minutes…

always do your best. do not make assumptions when someone shows you who they are, believe that! every been so emotionally hurt you felt like throwing up? felt like you’re holding on to something that does not put you on the balanced scale? YOU GOTTA LET IT GO. what happens the day we loose google? […]

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of books and movies…

so thanks to having good working hours, i have more time to relax and be in my own zone. what better way to pass that time by reading or watching movies! So here are a couple of movies that I absolutely loved and taught me a couple of things,which I’ll mention. They’re quotes that are […]

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february musings

“…..when I allow everything to be, everything becomes as I see …👀” breaks are essential for everyone,right? Be it in the office, at school,hell even social media. That being said, it has been a while since I wrote and took another break off social media and shit. Tbh, doing so helps me disconnect with the […]

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oh well

hello, hello! well, in this new year, i wish y’all a beautiful, fulfilling and content ’18. TO BE HONEST…I did not want 2017 to go. Really. it was one of those years or rather that one year that literally shaped me. I changed for the better and for me. As in, I became more expressive, […]

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from the time i became conscious and aware of my surroundings and the universe, a lot of change happened within.  safe to say it was one of the most beautiful experiences ever.  I felt grounded,connected and in tune with myself.To be honest this is so important. Instead of suppressing the emotion I had ,I expressed […]

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mwanaume ni kujikaza ( a man has to…withstand? deal with it…?)  Today, I heard that phrase on the radio and after a few debates, I was pretty annoyed.  From what I gathered, a lot of people have the same opinion when it comes to men showing emotion – that they shouldn’t…and instead *act* oh so […]

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