knocked off

Ever been at a point in your life when you’re good. By that I mean, you have yourself in check, you’re existing at a positive frequency and everything’s going as planned , you’re simply balanced. Well there’ll be those who’ll literally make it their sole purpose to stomp on your parade,rain on your paradise whatever […]

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too much..? 

Whenever I fell for someone and they fell for me,it was such a wonderful thing 😌. So in the relationship,I’d do whatever I can for them yeah. Only problem was that it was not necessarily an intimate thought (at times) . In the sense that I dwelt too much on the materialistic aspect of it,which […]

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you x

“…thank you…” hah.  Listen. Miguel Ft Travis Scott – Skywalker Halsey – Bad at love Grace Carter – Silence Chronixx – Majesty Khalid – Coaster. Alyana – High off you Tayla Parx ft Khalid – Runaway Rudimental ft James Arthur – Sun Comes up  

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As a Cancer (star sign) change is the last thing I’d ever want.That is, if it is not necessarily beneficial. If I do something in a particular manner then it always has to be like that. For example…when I wake up,first thing I do is convince myself to wake up and with valid reason 😅 […]

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letting go.

This is one of those things I hear and I completely SHUT OUT. I will legit not listen even though I’m probably standing infront of you. I have a theory as to why I hate letting go…even the most meaningless things. Let’s take it a few years back : my young unknowing self, was always […]

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it’s about time.

I’m honestly wondering how to start this… should I say hello so enthusiastically like most personal blogs..? Noo… Let’s do this.  Wherever you are, I send positive vibes all the way. For a long time, I wanted to start a blog but didn’t get the courage to do so. So I started writing things down […]

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